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Guide to Real Estate Investing for Beginners

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Real Estate Investing for Beginners

I know most people are totally clueless on investing in real estate. I know that when they come here, they are looking for a step by step guide in the introduction to real estate investing. Well you have to understand that I’ve spent alot of time looking for something that would answer all of your questions but it’s certainely not easy.

You see, most of the time products are low quality and just made to suck new people in to spending some quick cash. I would rather offer you a product that I know you will see great sucess with than give you something that with give you more questions.

Please understand that as a person who spends most of his time doing real estate and other offline businesses, maintain a website is not easy. I have partnered with people who know more about the internet than I do to help me out in this regard.

To give you an overview of what will be discussed on this website:

  1. How to get started investing in real estate - all the tips and tricks you need to see what it takes to get started. When should you get started? What resources do you need?
  2. Investing in properties — which properties should you buy? Which are the best investments? What holds its value the longest?
  3. Cash Flow and RoI — Now that you’ve bought properties what will you do? There are so many things you can do to increase your cash flow or rocket your ROI, what is the next step?
  4. Flipping properties — should you hold onto your properties or should you sell them for a big payoff? When is the best time to sell?

Please stick with us as we get all of these questions answered, it will take time to sit down and clear out what will work and how exactly to do it.

Real Estate Investing for Beginners

I know most of you are totally new to real estate investing. This must be hard for a lot of you to get your head around. Well I created this to help newbies learn real estate investing. There are hundreds of sites for learning real estate but mine is going to be complete real estate investing for beginners.

But where to start? There’s so much information on real estate investing it’s hard to determine. Well one thing we can do is start with the very basics. Real estate investing is about being without emotion. That’s the real secret to investing in real estate. In fact this is the secret behind investing in general. A guide to real estate investing is exactly what I’m building. But I need some feedback. What are you looking for in a guide to real estate investing?

Learn real estate investing

The words Real Estate Investing may sound quite difficult at first hearing it. But no matter how complicated it may sound, real estate investing has many books and other references that we can rely on to learn all about it. But for the meantime, here are some useful information to know its fundamentals.

For a start, we define real estate as a property that consists of land and house or a building. To understand its basic concept, let us begin with the simplest form which is the Residential Real Estate.
Under Residential Real Estate is a legal agreement about the right to inhabit a residence which is known as the housing tenure. Tenancy, condominiums, public housing and owner occupancy are some types of housing tenure.

Tenancy – the time of occupancy
Public housing – housing project that is funded, owned, and administered by the government
Owner occupancy – also known as the home ownership
Condominiums – also called as condo, is a particular house unit owned by an individual within a building

Residences and home ownership vary when it comes to the continents of North America and Europe
Attached or the multi-unit house includes the following:
Apartment – the units are usually separated or divided by walls.
Townhouse – a well-designed house that is commonly located in cities and private subdivisions.
Portable houses
Mobile house – this include the trailers or anything that is movable on wheels
Houseboat – these are often called floating houses
Tents – a house that has a fabric-like walls and roofs

There are so much to know about Real Estate, but the important thing is once you had understand the most common type and concept of it, the other things about it will be much easier to comprehend.

As you can see real estate investing is not that hard.

More about real esate investing

There is more to learning real estate investing than meets the eye. When we talk about real estate investing we need to consider certain things that people have been slow to accept. First and foremost, I need you to understand that this is 100% a business. I created this blog as a guide to real estate investing and as such I was hoping that people would understand the importance of regarding real estate and investing as real estate as a proper business.

When you start your first business what is your initial down payment? You will spent several hundred thousand dollars to several million depending on what kind of business you are starting and what you are doing with your business. The funny thing is that the majority of people who will end up reading great information will do absolutely nothing with it. This greatly dissapoints me since this real estate investing blog is here to help people. Let us be your real estate investing guide and you won’t be dissapointed!

Learning real estate investing

This post is a starter post for the real esteate investing guide that I’m hoping this website will become. Learning about real estate investing is tricky business, so I’m hoping that I get some input from readers (or more like potential readers) to see what it is you all want to know about real estate investing.

In my first real estate investment guide I gave you all a great tip that I was able to find on youtube. I could give you more links like the wikipedia real estate article but the question that brings up is–should you be learning original real estate investment material or should I just use this as a resource to show people other great sources of real estate investing information?

Learning about real estate investing is tricky, so I want to make sure you all have a say in what goes on here. Be sure to contact us if you want to submit your real estate investing questions!

Real estate investing guide

Hello and welcome to my guide to real estate investing! I’ve created this site because in my experience many people want to learn how to get involved in and start working with properties but they lack a real estate investing guide. This blog is created with you, the reader in mind so I’ll be helping to show you guys all about this and creating an easy to read real estate investing guide.

Here are the top questions people ask me when we start talking about real estate and investing: how can I find a good guide for real estate investing? They want to get into it, then know they can make some dough with it and they know its a good part of your portfolio if you plan to stop working anytime in the next decade.

Simply put, getting a good real estate investing guide will help you learn a lot about what you should do and shouldn’t be done. This isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need some kind of guide to do real estate investing. I’m hoping that we can help people of all caliber learn real estate investing through this guide.

Here’s a quick video that might give you some tips if you’re not a complete newbie:

Just a quick tip but I wanted to start the guide out with some educational information about real estate investing. I didn’t create it, someone else did but I’m hoping you can see the value in it and hopefully take something away that at the end of the day will help you grow and improve what you’re doing. This real estate investing guide is all about learning and getting better.

I hope creating this real estate investing guide will teach some people about real estate investing and guide them in the right direction.