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Tips and Tricks for Playing Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

If there is something we love so much about 2017, it is the fact that it is packed with incredible new games to play. One of the heavy hitters is, without a doubt, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Yes, there are a lot of things to be scared of in this game to an extent it may become extremely difficult for you to get your bearings – from creepy cannibals, to ooze monsters trying to get at you every single time. However, that is not a reason to skip the game altogether, is it? With our comprehensive walkthrough and tips and tricks on how to make it out of there alive, you have nothing to worry about.

Crank up your volume and check every corner

The tension may tempt you to mute the game, but don’t do it! There’s no better way than to notice you’re being stalked by your enemies other than listening to their homicidal mutterings and footsteps. RE7 is a very forgiving game in that it gives you loads of resources to survive. With that being said, you must really take your time checking every inch of the room regardless of how spooky it is. If the item can be picked up, collect it. You will need it.

Get that shotgun!

After the garage fight, you’ll find a shotgun lying in the main room. Picking the shotgun up means you’ll be locked up in the room, but not when you know the trick. Before getting the shotgun, go to the processing area in the basement and take the scorpion key. Then go to the 2nd floor to find grandma’s (hint: it’s near the rec room), pick up the broken shotgun and go back to exchange it with the working one.

Don’t always run, block and aim for the head!

Being stalked by monsters and killer psychopaths would make you want to run and hide, but don’t! Remember that a large number of your enemies in this game are sometimes too stupid to open doors to check out for you, which is why you must make closing doors a good habit in this game. Sometimes it’s enough to drive them away, others it will give you plenty of time to get your weapon ready. When you must fight them off, remember to always aim for the head as your enemies are stronger in RE7 and when you aim for the head, it will cause them a lot of damage and give you bigger chance to win. Before you dowload and play many popular online games nowadays, you need to run something like online generator and try to get unlimited resources such as gold, gems, diamond, etc. Just try to find out much more about web based online generator by shout this link.