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Transformer: Devastation Review, First Impression

Transformer: Devastation can be a fun and energetic video action video game. From the look, this new transformer game series has a nice textures and animation that probably can bring you back to the 1986 movie.

It also has a colorful graphic that capture the sights and sound perfectly. It also has a great detail in every scene, even though those so much bland environments which almost have the same design in each scene.

Transformer: Devastation Gameplay

In this devastation series, PlatinumGames offers some exciting features for combat scene. Moreover, Devastation provides six-hour campaign. Here you can choose your favorite characters such as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Sidewipe, and Wheeljack to play in some missions. Al characters have a different power, speed, unique ability, and fighting style. You can play Bumblebee with its speed ability, Optimus Prime with its sweeping trailer attack, or Grimlock which has a fun and ridiculous robot. Moreover, in this game, its robust combat systems offer some creative muscle when beating up deceptions.

In this Transformer Devastation, there are five different setting with its own difficulties. There are first three accessible from the very start of the game, and the rest you will be able to unlock after you have finished the three settings. There are also a total of fifty missions available on games. From those additional missions, you will get bonus weapon as a reward. In this game, it is not only about defeating enemies but also to be aware of hidden enemies and hidden location.

Transformer: Devastation Weapons

While playing this game, ranged weapon is the main part. It’s a machine gun. It has a quick blasts of fire are good for attack. There’s also a typical assortment of gear from blasters to grenade launcher, and completed with another cool stuff like Starscream’s Null Rays to rock something iconic.

Whenever your character has a low power, you can use credits to purchase items that can heal you or even bring you back from the dead. In this game, your characters can be stronger than other comrades. It happens when you play one character in a long time so that it gets much more new power and weapon development. It will make some unbalance in the game.

After all, besides we can enjoy with its classic graphic, Transformer Devastation is a fun game where you can play it in a long time without feeling bored. This game is satisfied enough with its adventures.

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